2336 Double Lobed in the garden greenhouse, June 21st 06. It was found in a bag of ornamental grass clippings from the garden pond which the larva was probably feeding on.

2341 Cloaked Minor nectaring on Ragwort at All Saints' graveyard on Aug. 5th 2017.

2343 Common Rustic agg  nectaring on the garden Heleniums prior to flight, Aug.1st 2017.

2400 Scarce Bordered Straw, the garden, Sept.1st 06. Photographed at dusk on Buddleia. This is my only record of this a rare immigrant to Calderdale. It makes me wonder which country it hatched out in.

2403 Bordered Straw, the garden, Aug.25th 06. Nectaring on Buddleia at dusk. This is my only record and another rare immigrant to Calderdale.

2422 Green Silver-lines larva at Robber Dodge wood, Sept. 12th 2017. Found on Beech, this one appeared almost fully grown - I would have taken it for rearing through had I know what it was at the time.

2422 Green Silver-lines larva (details as above). A close-up of the prolegs.

2423 Oak Nycteoline, Bankhouse wood, Aug.2nd 2010. Netted at dusk this is my only record.

2434 Burnished Brass, Bankhouse wood, July 13th 2010. Netted at dusk.

2441 Silver Y nectaring on campanulas at duskin the the garden on June 19th 06. This was my first attempt at night time moth photography and I was pretty please with the results.

2441 Silver Y nectaring on Red Valerian in the garden on Sept.27th 2015.

2469 Heralds, Bare Head tunnel, Shibden valley, Jan.22nd 2013. A hibernating pair on the ceiling of the tunnel. There were around a dozen Heralds present but the Tissue moth seen previously was not relocated sadly. Thanks to Andy Cockroft for helping with the search and finding the moths originally.

2469 Herald, Salterhebble, Apr.7th 2014. Found resting on a house frontage. 

2474 Straw Dot, Tag meadow, June 30th 2014. A field observation on a gloriously hot and calm summer's day.

2474 Straw Dot, North Dean meadow, July 12th 05. A field observation. Much more commonly recorded in recent years and often disturbed from unimproved grassland.

2476 Beautiful Snout, North Dean wood, July 5th 05. A field observation on Holly and my only record of this rare Yorkshire species.

2484 Pinion-streaked Snout, Bankhouse wood, July 21st 2010. Netted at dusk this is my only record. Very similar to some pyralid moths and surely overlooked by those not in to recording micros.

2492 Fan-foot, Bankhouse wood, July 7th 2010. Netted by dusk. One of two individuals netted during the month at this site.

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